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🤫 How I drive sales in hospitality without spending on marketing 

Part 1: Build Momentum

I learned that to build sales, you need to build momentum.

I built my career on driving sales.

One restaurant I added +£300k to annual net sales in six months, spending zero on marketing.

I’ve started a new brand from scratch and achieved £13k weekly from week 6.

I also grew an entire brand from £1m annual to £7.5m.

I spent £0 on paid marketing.

Building momentum was a primary enabler.

Momentum builds engagement and loyalty, firstly from team, then customers.

I see building sales momentum as similar to lighting a campfire:

- An initial spark is needed

- Plenty of oxygen

- Small dry kindling on top

- It needs nurturing in its infancy

- Time given for it to establish

- Larger logs added as the fire grows large enough to handle them. 

- Soon there is a roaring established fire

Sales momentum:

1. Sales momentum is sparked initially

- A passionate leader with a vision for sales, customer experience and/or product

- Vision is shared with the team

2. It's nurtured in its infancy

- The team may discuss ideas, problem solve, new initiatives.

- Rewards and incentives may be involved

- Team begin see their role within the team and buy in

- Excitement builds at the prospect of the challenge ahead

- Core human needs begin to be met: belonging, esteem and self actualisation 

3. Time is allowed to develop

- Further ideas may be gathered

- Concepts may be reflected on and developed

- Teamwork and collaboration begins, new relationships likely form

- Team begin to share, help each other, bond further as people, not 'colleague with function [x]'

- Team members start to implement, excitement prevails

- Core human needs met further: belonging, esteem and self actualisation 

4. Small kindling

- The effect snowballs. Optimism runs through teams in other business areas

- Senior leaders are positively encouraged

- Culture is enhanced and less formal somehow

5. Larger kindling/logs

- Team at all levels are buzzing

- People come out of their shells, personalities flourish

- Customers see and feel the buzz. It’s tangible.

- Tip income increases

- More 5* reviews than ever

- Customers begin to tell their friends. They’ll likely post on socials. They’ll likely have you in mind for an event they’ve got coming up.

- They’ll be back, and sooner next time.

90% of building sales is done in the venue and costs nothing.

👥 I’ll be adding to this series so stay tuned.

🌟 Key Takeaways

- Creating a spark costs nothing

- You don't have to be the CEO, anyone can rub two flints together

- Create an environment where everyone in the team can feel the vision, hear it and engage with it

- Suddenly you’ve created a different place for your team to work and customers to buy from

- Don’t spend on marketing until you’ve done this

- Don't believe me? I've proved it several times over, I've built my career on it

Give it a go.

💬 What do you think? Share your views in the comments.

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